Birthday Party Sleepover

Last night was the big sleep-over party. Emma had five friends over, and four stayed the night. They ate pizza, and cake and danced and opened presents and then watched a movie. It was a manageable number and we actually got them to go to bed by 11:00pm. Well, Jim did anyway. They got up around 7 and we feed them more sugar in the form of frosted donuts. Emma and I made the cake -- and decorated it. We got the idea from a kids cookbook. I actually cut the top layer to make it smaller around and managed to do so without messing it up! A big accomplishment for me.

Here's Emma wearing the tiara (after I washed it off of course) and eating her cake. Posted by Picasa


Robin Krause said…
Thanks for sharing, Beth. Happy Birthday, Emma. Can't believe you're nine-years-old. You sure have a lot of fun, don't you? Lots of good friends! We miss ya'll in Georgia. Love, Robin Krause

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