A day in the Life Of ... (Part 2)

Yes, it has taken me over two weeks to get back to this. Life and computer access intervened.

So, we were at:
Leave for Dermatologist apt. in Providence. I thought I had left plenty of time -- 30 minutes -- to drive the 12 miles to the doctor's office, but I underestimated traffic around our state capitol between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. After getting off the jammed highway, I made my way over the city streets where at least I was moving and arrived at the appointment by 4. That's an average of 16 miles per hour. The dermatologist is always running late so that was no problem. We needed to get out of there by 4:45 so we could get back to Barrington for soccer practice. A miracle occurred and we were done by then and managed to actually get back to Barrington before soccer practice started at 5:20. Somehow there was much less traffic at 5:00pm. Go figure!

Arrive at soccer practice at Barrington Middle School. This is the first of the bi-weekly special practice sessions with the British Challenger coaches. It was fun listening to their accents, plus it was a fabulous day and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and watching. I even offered to drive our next door neighbor's daughter home too. I ran into our friend Ann who was picking up her son James from his earlier soccer practice and had a nice chat with one of the other Mom's on Emma's team. When practice was over we stopped at the Del's Lemonade Truck -- parking very cleverly just in time for practice to end -- and the girls got frozen lemonades. By the way -- Del's Lemonade is one of the two state drinks of Rhode Island, the other being Coffee Milk (yes, that is just like chocolate milk, only with coffee syrup).

Drive home from practice and drop off Diana.
Pre-heat oven to cook frozen pizza. Cook pizza and put out carrots and ranch dressing.

Eat dinner together with Jim and Emma. I can't remember the details of that particular dinner, but we probably talked about Emma's school day, soccer, the Dr. apt., what was going on at work for both of us, what was on TV. The usual...

Emma takes a shower, while I do general post dinner clean-up in the kitchen and dining room (which is also our entryway -- mudroom -- and general dropping point for things).

All sit down and watch a sit-com re-run together. It was probably Two and a Half Men, which, if Emma understood half of what was going on, would be definitely inappropriate for her. I guess we are "bad" parents. But we enjoy the relaxing time together and the laughs.

Emma and I sit down to read a bedtime story. Sometimes we share reading, sometimes I read, sometimes she does. This evening I continued reading a book that was an absolute favorite of mine when I was Emma's age and lived in England. It's called First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton, and is all about a girl who is going to boarding school for the first time at age 12, and about everything that happens at boarding school. I read it in about 1973 and it is actually pretty dated and I have to explain the British English language usages. For example: torch = flashlight, maths = mathematics, cloakroom = closet or changing area, crisps = potato chips, chips = french fries, prep = homework, etc.... She's enjoying it and often begs me to read "just another chapter" please. I get to reminisce about being Emma's age and my then obsession with boarding school. I even drew floor plans of Malory Towers based on the descriptions in the books when I was her age. The great thing is there are 5 more to go in the series and I still have all of them -- though they are in very acidic yellowed paperbacks. Emma drew floor plans of the Chimney Corners Camp dining hall before she went to camp there -- based on her memory from the open house and the website, so I guess she has some of the same genes as I do!

Emma's bedtime. Mom and Dad's free time. Again, I don't know what we did that night, but we often hang out and watch TV (Food Network, HGTV, History etc...), or read, or sometimes I go downstairs and work on the computer, or if we want to watch different things on TV or one wants to read and the other watch TV I will go out to the sun room and hang out there. We might have been power watching Session Two of Heroes on DVD in preparation for the Season Three premier which was last night.

Mommy bedtime.


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