Digital Scrapbooking and other weekend pursuits

So, yes I really need to be wrapping Christmas gifts, or food shopping, or something, but I just finished up a digital scrapbook page that I started yesterday. It's been a while since I made one and I've been missing it. Most of my non-work time is taken up with singing in Providence Singers or church choir, or being a Mom and wife, but I'm glad I made time for this today. The page I made is for Emma's Confirmation back in October.

I spent a lot of yesterday working selling tickets at dress rehearsal for Emma's dance studio's Holiday Show, and then attending the show. As usual the Ballet Center put on a terrific, fun and professional performance. Emma was in several numbers. I didn't take any photos because I was working, but here  are some that other people took. The costumes and music were so festive that it really put me in the mood. Plus I got to sit with my Goddaughter and her family and cousins and they really enjoyed the show too. So many things are more festive with younger kids -- especially during the Holidays. My Goddaughter was wearing some fun Christmas jewelry that reminded me of my Grandmother Barley. She hasn't been with us since 1998, but she always wore special Christmas jewelry. It turns out my Goddaughter's belonged to her great-grandmother -- so same vintage as I remembered. So, I sent up a little prayer for my Grandmother yesterday too.


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