Just Another Fall Saturday

So this morning I decided to head out to treat myself and my Pug dog Chloe to a walk outside in the gorgeous Fall weather we've been having. I decided not to listen to my audiobook or to music and instead to just soak up the sounds and experiences of nature. All was going wonderfully as Chloe and I walked along a trail in the woods. There was no one around so I'd let Chloe off of the leash. I even took the time to snap a couple of photos. I was reveling in the moment .... and then noticed Chloe was behind me and fascinated with something. Then she started rolling around on the ground and wouldn't come when I called her. She rolled some more and I walked back to get her. Well, she had decided it was a lovely morning to cover herself in poop. Stinky, yucky, fresh poop! The last half of our walk was less pleasant and more fragrant. I managed to get it on my hands while putting her leash back on and tried to wipe it off with leaves (not very effective). We arrived home and hosed off a bit outside and then it was time for a doggie bath and a Mommy shower. In the end I had a great time giving her a bath as she was so funny about the whole thing! So, bad thing turned good. And now back to our regularly scheduled day of doing not much of anything.


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