Butterflies and Databases

I finally got around to making a digital scrapbook page. I haven't made any for more than a month and I miss it -- I miss being creative. I was inspired by the Saturday Scraplift challenge over at Designer Digitals. This is a photo I took on our recent vacation in the Florida Keys. We visited the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory which was an amazing experience. I've never been surrounded by Butterflies before. I enjoyed slowing down and watching and photographing them. I took my "real" camera, my DSLR and my fixed length 50mm lens which takes great close ups.

It was a busy day today. I spent most of my time at work designing and building a Microsoft Access database to track Rhode Island Legislation by subjects our attorneys are interested in -- all while being "interrupted" to handle regular requests for assistance. I actually enjoy databases and thinking about relationships between tables and queries etc. However, it was starting to make my brain hurt. Then off home to walk the dog, and drive my daughter to ballet. Next was choir rehearsal where we worked on a particularly challenging piece written by our choir director. So, getting to play with my digital supplies was just what I needed.


This is so pretty. I love tiny things in nature like butterflies! Awesome blending!

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