A little Easter Evening Scrapbooking

It was a busy day yesterday in the Holmes Household. Starting with singing at two church services. Jim had a solo and did a fantastic job. Then a bit of downtime at home before we headed off to a friend's house for the afternoon. Emma organized an Easter egg hunt for the younger kids and entertained them while all of us adults enjoyed ourselves talking. The food was all terrific -- including the best mashed potatoes ever, an Easter lamb cake with "soft chocolate" colored frosting at the request of my two year old goddaughter, and an after dessert drink of limoncello. I am so grateful to have such good friends who have become my local family. My family all live in Maryland which is too far to travel for Easter when there's school on Monday so until we were "adopted" we used to spend the day on our own.

I spent this evening relaxing and making my first scrapbook page in forever using some of the photos I took from today's Egg Hunt.


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