I declare it Spring in Rhode Island -- Finally

I've decided that Spring really is here and it's safe to replace my barren grapevine wreath with my forsythia one. After doing that it was so nice out that I grabbed my camera and took a few photos of signs of Spring in my yard. So far only crocuses are blooming, but I have daffodils popping up everywhere and buds on my Japanese Quince buses. Emma and her friend thought it was nice enough this morning to hang out lying on the grass in our yard wearing shorts -- they may be pushing it a little, but I enjoyed watching them having fun out there and Chloe, the pug dog, certainly enjoyed being outside in the yard with them. Chloe and I also enjoyed a walk through the woods in Haines Park. We have a favorite path that starts out by the dog park and goes through the woods behind our house along the creek and ends up back at the bike path right by Bay Spring. 


Now I have to get serious about cleaning up Winter's debris -- like these huge branches brought down by Blizzard Nemo. And the dead leaves in my flower beds. Bring it on -- I love working in the yard!

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