Another Sunday including the Crop Walk and working on #projectlife

So here's what's been going on in the Holmes Household today. Emma isn't feeling well so she and I skipped church and watched the movie "Matilda" which we both love. Jim had to go to church because she was reading the lessons.

Next up was the East Bay Crop Walk for Hunger. Jim and I participated and raised over $500 between us. Twenty-five percent of the total raised went to our local agency -- Tap-In that provides food, amongst other things, to those in need. The rest went to other agencies worldwide working to end hunger. It was a 3.5 mile walk and since the route went right by our house, Jim walked ahead and got Chloe, who walked half the route with us back to our starting point at the Presbyterian Church. She would not have been able to walk the whole route. There were some other dogs on the walk too -- a couple of Golden Retrievers, a lab and a basset hound, amongst others. We could not have asked for nicer weather as it was sunny, breezy and about sixty degrees. This is the first time we've done this walk in the East Bay -- several churches in Barrington participated so hopefully we will do it again next year and will get even more participation. I'm a member of St. John's Episcopal church Barrington's Outreach Team and am also on the Commission for Outreach as a Vestry member, but I would have walked anyway. Thank you so much to all my friends and family that pledged money to Jim and I. We really appreciate it.

 Registering for the walk. St John's Episcopal's own Jean Audette helping out

Shari, Jim and our new Assistant to the Rector Kiel Walter Mitchell. 

Back home I resumed spending time with Emma. We watched Kate and William's wedding on BBC America. They were showing it again because today is their First Wedding Anniversary. While we watched I worked on my Project Life scrapbook pages for last week -- week 16. I am officially behind already, but decided to work on last week while it's fresh in my mind and catch up with the 3 weeks before that when I get a chance. I am really trying to keep this simple so it's a doable project. It's so tempting to try and use lots of products and make it more complicated then it has to me. It's really about the photos and the words -- and capturing the memories. This week I highlighted how much I love taking photos with my iPhone and editing them with the Instagram Ap. Scroll down if you want to see what the finished pages look like.

I actually cooked dinner for Jim and I -- I thought Emma would be at youth group, but she stayed home since she wasn't feeling well and ended up eating cereal for dinner (don't judge me -- that's what she wanted and her stomach was upset). I made salmon steaks with a sour cream, garlic, caper sauce for Jim and I. It was a new recipe and it's a keeper. Then we all watched a couple of episodes of the TV show "Eureka" on Netflix Watch Instantly. All in all -- a very good day. Bring on the week.

Products used on these digital scrapbook pages:


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