Post Vacation: Week 9 of #ProjectLife

After spending all that time on multiple pages for Week 8 which included our trip to Williamsburg I was ready to get back to something more simple for Week 9.  I decided to change things up a bit and use Becky Higgins' Cobalt Edition Collection for these pages. I was excited about adding a jolt of color and working with some new designs. I am sticking with the same background paper -- the grey kraft paper and am using the same fonts for consistency -- I haven't grown tired of those yet. As usual I enjoy using Ali Edwards' word art and overlays, but other than that I stuck with the Cobalt collection. I used a Facebook status update verbatim because it summed up what I wanted to say so well.  I've also been using an app for my iPhone called Momento which brings together all my Facebook updates, Instagram photos posts, and Twitter updates. I can also add my own notes by date. So when it comes to working on my Project Life pages all I have to do to refresh my memory is look at the Momento posts from the week I'm working on. I'm loving this and it's efficient because I only have to look one place other than my calendar.  I continue to love this project -- and am enjoying doing it digitally rather than in paper -- less stuff to collect and work with. I just photograph my ephemera to include or if it's something really special I will include it in an insert. I was so overwhelmed with bits and pieces of paper last year. Well, enough said. Hope you enjoy the pages and thanks for looking.

Products Used:

CK Ali Edward's official font
Mom's Typewriter
DJB Heather E


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