Ten Years After

This photo of Emma was taken on September 9, 2001. Two days before everything changed ten years ago. I've been wondering over the last couple of days why I was resisting thinking about 911. I was wondering if I was callous or unfeeling or indifferent. Then today in church one of our congregation spoke during the time when we usually have a sermon. She spent many hours volunteering with other members of our church, and many others at St. David's Chapel by Ground Zero in the months after 911 during the recovery operations. Hearing her recollections lead me back to thinking about what I was doing and feeling ten years ago. That's when I remembered that I was four months pregnant with  my son Sam who would later be stillborn at 38 weeks -- just one week before he was scheduled to be delivered via C-section on February 14th, 2002. I also had this beautiful and innocent 23 month old named Emma to care for. So, that started me wondering if that's why I didn't want to go back to 911. That was a rough year for me and one I don't like to go back and dwell on. I know it was a rougher year for many many others. I know Jim and I wished we could have done something to help after 911, but we were so far away in Athens, GA. So, I will remember by posting this photo and loving and cherishing my family and friends, and continuing to ask how I can be God's minister in this world -- what is he leading me to do -- how am I meant to share my talents in big and/or small ways.


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