It's good to be back in the South: Garden Party

On Sunday, Jim, Emma, Chloe and I transitioned from a week with my sister and her family at my Mom's beach house in Stone Harbor to my Dad and Hazel's home in Snow Hill on the eastern shore of Maryland. We took the ferry from Cape May NJ to Lewes DE across the Delaware Bay. We had great clear weather and Emma and Jim saw porpoises following the ship. Chloe made it through her first boat ride with flying colors too. After driving for a little under an hour through Delaware we crossed over into Maryland and were in the south again. I don't really get that "southern" feeling from Baltimore, but the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a whole other world, and definitely feels southern to me.
After relaxing at Dad's for an hour or so we got a bit dressed up to go to a "Garden Party" in Temperenceville, VA about a half hour from Dad's across the border in Virginia.

The invitation was to "Supper in the Garden at Queen Hive, home of Mr and Mrs. Terry Thomas. They run Thomas' Garden Center and do this party every year for all of there best customers which includes Dad and Hazel. There home is a lovely 1730s farm house and outbuildings and gardens. We arrived with lots of other people, including ladies in lovely Summer dresses, while a fiddle player and accordian duo who serenaded us. With glass of white wine in hand we wandered the gardens which were fantastic. Then we settled down to eat BBQ and wonderful tomato salad with locally grown tomatoes. The duo played while we ate as the sun went down across the soybean fields. I felt like I was in a period piece on Masterpiece Theatre. I also loved hearing all those wonderful Virginian accents. Yes, we were back in the South. Here are some photos that attempt to capture the evening.


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