Easter and April Vacation Week

It's back to school tomorrow after a week of vacation for Emma, Jim and me (though I did work on Thursday). We had a pretty quiet Easter. I sang with the choir for both services this morning and Emma and Jim came to the 9:15 service. I guess she is really growing up because she didn't want to do the egg hunt after the 11 am service and she didn't want to have the annual posed Easter photo. I did catch her later in the day outside in her Easter dress -- of course she didn't wear crocs to church.

The weather turned warm and sunny after church so after watching a Glee episode on Netflix watch instantly with Emma I headed out to work in the yard. I filled an entire huge lawn waste bag just with sticks from our shedding oak trees! Then I mowed, and Maggie enjoyed chasing me around. I also cleaned out one flower bed and weeded and planted some day lilies I got from a local friend who just divided hers. Of course Chloe decided to lie on top of them -- hope they make it! After a couple of hours of work I treated myself to a half hour of reading, sweet potato chips and a glass of wine in my favorite garden spot.

Yesterday Emma hosted an Easter egg hunt for kids on our street and kids of friends of mine. It was a last minute thing that she decided to do on Thursday because she wanted to do something festive for Easter. She did all the invitations, egg stuffing and hiding. We had to move the event inside because it was pouring rain, but everyone had a good time anyway. I was glad that we only had 5 kids though -- more than that inside would have been a bit crazy. Emma did a great job and the kids had fun.
On Friday evening I helped out with our church's Stations of the Cross service. The youth group got together for an early dinner and practice, followed by the service. We divided into three groups and each group posed as several stations of the cross complete with large wooden crosses. Then the congregation walked these stations of the cross with brief readings at each station. I was coordinating one of the groups so I only saw the five stations that we depicted, but it did seem like a really neat and moving service, and the youth enjoyed practicing and performing. It was a good way to mark Good Friday.

We spent the first part of vacation week at my Dad's in Snow Hill, MD. Jim and I took lots of photos and I'll post some on the blog -- hopefully tomorrow or later tonight.


Morgan said…
Hi Aunt Beth--just thought I'd let you know that I looked at your blog! It is awesome that you write each story so well, and I also love the design of your blog.

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