Chloe's first big snow

It started snowing here last night about 10 pm and is still snowing lightly.  It's hard to tell how much we got because of all wind.  The snow is drifted up in places and blown away in others.  This was Chloe's first big snow. We had a dusting a week or so ago, but that doesn't count.  When I let her out this morning the snow was as tall as her back.  She was a bit put out at first, but then just started leaping through it. Here we are on a short walk to pick up Emma's friend Ally for a playdate. 

I love my new coat. It's only about three weeks old. It's perfect for waiting for the bus, or going for walks -- whatever.  I hate hats anyway and the hood really stays up and keeps me nice and warm.  (Don't worry it's fake fur of course)

Here's our house -- you can just see Emma standing on the porch.

Chloe out playing in the snow.

Emma with her saucer.  She and Ally cleared a path so they could use the saucer to slide down the big pile of snow left by the snow plow.
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