Halloween and a Field Trip

I chaperoned Emma's Third Grade class trip on October 24th. It was on a Friday and I have off on Fridays so I thought it would be fun to go on the trip. It was fun actually -- if a bit loud on the bus. We went to the Biomes Marine Science Center in North Kingstown and did all kinds of fun activities in small groups. I was in charge of Emma, her friend Katie and 3 boys from their class -- who were really pretty well behaved. One of things we got to do was pet a baby shark. Then we all got back on the bus and headed off to the island of Jamestown in the Narragansett Bay to go beach combing with a guide from the Marine Science center. We found all sorts of neat sea creatures and then we walked back along the beach collecting things we found and then separated them into flotsum and jetsum which are actually different -- something I learned that day. Here's Emma on the beach. It was a gorgeous sunny day, but a bit chilly.

Here's a shot of Emma dressed as a cheerleader for Halloween. It was the night before the big Florida Georgia football game so the Georgia outfit seemed appropriate. She was going to be Hannah Montana, but after a test run of that costume at a Newcomers Club party she decided that the wig was too hot and uncomfortable. That was fine with me as I like the cheerleader costume better anyway. The other girl is Emma's friend Kayla who lives down the street. All the kids on our street started out trick-or-treating together on our street and then we headed across the road to the bigger neighborhood. It was fun for us parents too as we got to see other kids dressed up and chat with parents while the kids went up to the houses.

Finally ... here are our three pumpkins for this year. I did the one on the right and Jim did the other two. Emma didn't want to carve or design one this year.
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