Christmas Tree Decorating and First Snow

I like this photo of Emma by our tree right after we finished decorating. She is wearing the poncho I had just finished knitting for her as an early Christmas gift. We put up the tree earlier than usual this year as it was a nasty rainy dull day on November 30th and we were stuck at home since I wasn't feeling great (bad cold). Putting up the tree and getting out the Advent wreath and Nativity scenes/Creches actually cheered us all up.

This Sunday instead of rain and fog and wind -- we woke up to a nice coating of snow -- and it was still snowing too. It never changed to rain as they had predicted. It was perfect snow ball snow so Emma and I got our outdoors stuff on and went outside. We ended up taking one of Emma's neighborhood friends over to their school to sled as there is a hill there. The photo about is of our house -- I never took a photo of it in the snow last year.

Here's Emma -- very proud of her snowball.

This is the view looking down our street towards the dead end. Our house is on the left where you can just see the two cars parked in the driveway. At the end of the street we back up to the wooded part of a state park which is great.
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And ... finally Emma at the end of a sledding run.


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