All Quiet on the Summer Front

Wow, it is really quiet at our house right now -- it's also really quiet on our street which is unusual. I haven't seen any kids riding up and down on bikes, or waiting in line at the ice cream truck or playing in the back yard nextdoor. This quiet on the street combined with Emma being away at sleepover camp makes it super quiet in our house. I'm enjoying all my free time, but I confess I would feel better/happier if I could hear some happy kids playing noise outside. I am starting to look forward to getting back into the school year routine and getting plugged back into my "Mom's waiting for the school bus Intelligence Network." I've been getting by on the tidbits I pick up at Book Club for my source of local information, but that only meets once a month -- plus we haven't been going to church so no networking on Sunday mornings either.

I am off to enjoy my temporary freedom from Motherhood by going to spend a weekend with my college friend Wendy at a Scrapbooking Convention near her house in Pennsylvania. We are even staying over night. We are taking a couple of classes together and hitting the shopping/exhibits. She's leaving her kids with her husband -- Jim gets a weekend alone to work until his bicycle until heart is content.


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