Halloween on Milton Road

Our big pumpkins ready to great Trick-or-Treaters. Jim designed and carved the bottom one and Emma designed and Jim carved the top one. I always get the messy job of scooping all the insides out.

Jim and Emma ready to head off Trick-or-Treating. I stayed home to hand out candy and they headed off with the pack from our street. By all accounts they had a great time. It wasn't too cold, but it was blustery and very Halloween like with leaves blowing around on the ground and the branches creaking a bit.

Neighborhood kids hanging out before going Trick-or-Treating: Olivia, Kayla, Diana and Emma

Kayla, Emma and Kayla's little sister Elizabeth

Our littlest pumpkin -- "the scream". Is he scary or scared.

More kids: Ben, Isabel, Olivia, Kayla, Emma, Patrick, Diana and Peter

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