House in Rhode Island

We have a contract on a house in Barrington, Rhode Island. Jim took some interior photos this week when he was there for the house inspection. So, here they are.

This is one of the upstairs bedrooms. The current owners are using it as a study.

This is the other end of the same bedroom -- if you stood with your back to the desk you would see the view in the other photo.

This is one end of the other upstairs bedroom. This room has two skylights which let in lots of light and behind you in this view is a built in chest of drawers and space above for shelves.

This is one end of the living room -- looking toward the front of the house. The stairs go up on the right and the dining room is behind the photo taker. The house is on a corner so the wall on the left hand side faces a street too -- a very quiet one. This is the long side of the house you see in the exterior photo. You can see our friend Ann who is there taking measurements for me.

This is the master bedroom which is on the main floor. The open door leads to the dining room. The room is bigger than it looks here and I think we may put the bed on the wall opposite the door between the windows which face onto the garden. As you can see the current owners aren't afraid of bold colors -- hmmm.... maybe that's one of the reasons we really liked the place.

....No, we probably fell in love with it because I have always wanted to live in a house in the Bungalow style -- and this is a real one built in 1913. We both love the early twentieth century and late nineteenth as well. This is a bit dark -- yes, it was snowing when we were house-hunting in mid-March. The dormer you see is the one in the photo above. The living room is at the front of the house -- so it is the two windows facing front and the two on the left of the long side. What you see here is the side of the house and the front of the house is on the left side. The street you can see is the side street and not the one the house's address is on. The address of the house is 19 Bicknell if you want to do a Google Map search for it. It is in the Bay Spring area of Barrington right on the Providence River which runs into the Narragansett Bay nearby. We have a park four blocks away right on the water.

Here's the park -- you can see the swings on the left.

If all goes well we close on May 2nd. There is also a finished room in the basement -- so we actually have room for several guests.


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