At the Boardwalk in Wildwood

We just returned from a week at the Jersey Shore in Stone Harbor, NJ. It was a great vacation and good to get away. A Summer isn't complete for me without at least a long weekend at the Jersey Shore. My Mom has a house in Stone Harbor a block and a half from the beach and she doesn't mind us staying there as much as we like! Too bad I don't have more vacation time. One of the afternoons we were there we all headed off to the Boardwalk in Wildwood which is the town next door on the neighboring coastal island. It has a Boardwalk complete with rides on three piers and lots of unhealthy food. It was a big day for all of us as Emma is now tall enough to ride the real big roller coasters including the Great White. She and Uncle Ron and Daddy (Jim) had a great time riding both of the coasters. Emma even sweet talked Uncle Ron into riding the log ride with her. My sister Kate's 7 month old twins also had their first carousel ride.

Emma thrilled to be tall enough to ride the big roller coasters! Below is a photo taken with Daddy right after she got off the roller coaster

Emma and Uncle Ron on the log ride right after the last big drop

The twins: Amelia and Nikolas -- Riding in style in their new double jog stroller


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