I'm back from San Francisco and we're staying in Athens

After two weeks of research, much discussion with Jim and others, and soul searching on my part the Holmes Family has decided to stay in Athens, Georgia. I turned down the job offer I had received from Georgetown University Law Library in Washington, D.C. I did so for a variety of reasons which I would be glad to share with you off Blog if you are interested, but won't bother with here and now. Mainly quality of life and cost of living issues. I'm sorry about the impersonal nature of this announcement, but it seemed the fastest and easiest way to reach all of you without multiple phone calls and e-mails. As I am still trying to recover from my weekend in San Francisco and from this decision making process.

I had a great time in SF with about 13 of my old St. John's friends from my years there 1974-1978. I saw some of them nine years ago, but others I hadn't seen for as many as 27 years! We all stayed together at a really cute hotel right near Chinatown called Hotel des Artes. We all had painted rooms. Check mine out.

I hope to post some photos soon. I didn't take any, but others did and I'll share a few when I get them.

Now that I am home Jim is off to Moscow for almost a week. He leaves on Saturday and returns on Thursday.


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